Our Mission

Shelter, basic needs, friendship, empowerment, hope.

St. Joseph the Worker House Association is a 501(c)(3) charitable not-for profit organization. We offer services and transitional housing for homeless women and children in a setting which is home-like, healthy, loving and supportive, and provide connections to local services that assist families.

Trisha is one example of the many women whose lives are changed because of St. Joseph the Worker House. She came to Martha House with her three children.

"A few years ago my three children and I were homeless. I was devastated, with no place to lay our heads, no warm food to eat or clothing for my children. The St. Joseph Worker House came to our rescue. They provided us with a warm place to live, food and basic essentials and friendship. They made me feel like I was a human being again. They made us feel like were worth something and not trash on the street. They didn't judge me.

"I'm so very thankful to them and for their generosity and kindness and their mercy. Without them I wouldn't know where we would be. Now I'm on my feet and humble, ready to tackle the world. I was able to finish my LPN license, get a job and eventually move into our own place."

Founders and Chairs

   Fr. Bob Reynolds, founder of original Catholic Worker House at St. Joseph Church, RI
  For many years, Vince Thomas, volunteered as chairperson of the St. Joseph House with financial assistance from the St. Joseph Church.
  Sr. Bobbi Bussan now serves as chairperson of the board. She led the reopening of the house, expansion to two houses and designation a 501c3 charitable organization.



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